Wednesday, 21 December 2011

DiDA 2012

Given the continuing popularity of DiDA qualifications and mindful of the success and motivation DiDA has given to thousands of learners since its launch in 2004, we have decided to do our utmost to ensure that DiDA will continue to count in League Tables from 2014 onwards.

This has involved making a number of changes to the specification not least the introduction of an element of external assessment. However, we think we have managed to do this without losing the essential essence and uniqueness of the qualification.

We submitted the revised Level 2 Certificate to Ofqual on 23 November and will be submitting the Diploma early in December. We expect the new qualifications to be accredited in January for first teaching in September 2012. Work on Level 1 will begin shortly, with the same timeline for accreditation and first teaching.

We will not be accepting any new registrations on the existing DiDA specifications after August 2012.

Some of the key changes are listed below...

  • Two qualifications only (Certificate and Diploma)
  • All five units reduced in size
  • An external assessment element introduced in the form of a practical, computer-based task (internet access not required)
  • Maximum mark for internally assessed units reduced from 42 to 33
  • Planning no longer a separate assessment strand
  • Weighting of assessment strands adjusted to give students more credit for demonstrating practical capability
  • Assessment objectives revised
  • Unit titles amended
  • Grades changed from Distinction, Merit, Credit, Pass to A*, A, B, C
  • Assessment guidance merged with Assessment evidence grids in the specification
  • Moderators Toolkit revised to allow for submission of MS Office files
The structure of the new qualification will be as follows...

Level 2 Certificate in Digital Applications
Size: 120 GLH (broadly equivalent to 1 GCSE)
Structure: Unit 1 plus one further unit

Level 2 Diploma in Digital Applications
Size: 240 GLH (broadly equivalent to 2 GCSEs)
Structure: Units 1 and 2 plus two further units.

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Anonymous said...

What happens to the students who have started completing units that were published before we were told about the changes. Will they still be accepted? Will they still receive awards? Would it be possible for Edexcel to publish an explanation of how to make the transition?