Thursday, 7 April 2011

GCE Applied ICT

Quick reminder of the details of this summers exam series for 6953, 6957 and 6959.

Pre Release and Practice Data Files

The Practice Data Files for 6959 May 2011 are now available to download. The Pre Release Scenario for 6953, 6957 and 6959 are also available to download from the GCE Applied ICT web pages. You will find this material by navigating to the "Assessment Materials" category and refining your search to "Pre Release Material Summer 2011". You might find it useful to provide your students with this information to digest over the Easter holidays.

Live Data Files

The Live Data Files for 6953 and 6957 will be available to download from the GCE Applied ICT website from the 27th April.

Exam Dates

23rd May is the start of the examination windows 6953, 6957 and 6959.

6953 - Unit 3 The Knowledge Worker has a 5 day window ending on 27th May.
6957 - Unit 7 Using Database Software has a 4 week window ending on 17th June.
6959 - Unit 9 Communications and Networks has a 4 week window ending on 17th June.

I can confirm that due to this years half term dates the window for 6957 and 6959 has been extended to 4 weeks. Remember to read the ICE Document and to notify us of your schedule before the 22nd April.

GCE Applied ICT Accreditation

I have had some recent enquires about the availability of GCE Applied ICT. I can confirm that this course is accredited until 2013. This means that the last certification will be in the Summer of 2014. Any centres offering GCE Applied ICT can recruit students on a two year program in September 2011 and September 2012. We are currently considering options for A Level ICT and I will provide you with further updates on this as they become available.

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Stuart Burke said...

Dear Gareth,

My name is Stuart Burke, I teach ICT at the Bedford Sixth Form and have attempted to buy the Teacher's CD ROM Site licence for your course, only to be informed that they are no longer available.

Could you let me know how you are happy to let people buy into your course when it appears that you are closing up shop on the course

Thank You