Monday, 8 November 2010

Another BTEC Update!


The following training events are taking place this month for centres delivering the BTEC IT Users (ITQ).

25/11/2010 - Get Ready to Teach BTEC IT Users (ITQ) Level 2 - Online Event - Ref 10ONQ01/01
30/11/2010 - Get Ready to Teach BTEC IT Users (ITQ) Level 2 - Online Event - Ref 10ONQ01/02

To book a place on these events please contact the team on 0844 576 0027.

BTEC Lead Internal Verifiers (LIV)

The process of accreditation for LIVs is well under way but I thought I would take this opportunity to remind you of how the process works. This is of particular interest to centres new to BTECs.

Guide to BTEC LIV Accreditation

BTEC Parents Guide

Parents play a major role in guiding young students’ choices when they leave school. This guide has been produced to provide parents with the information they need on BTEC qualifications. This BTEC Parents Guide may help when discussing the vocational pathway with the parents of your learners.

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