Monday, 11 January 2010

BTEC 2010 announcement

Good news on the Edexcel BTEC website updating centres on the changes to BTEC from 2010. It's good to see there will be limited impact to centres offering BTEC Firsts and Nationals along with something new and interesting for schools to offer their GCSE students.
The new BTEC ITQ looks like an excellent oppertunity for schools who want to give their GCSE kids something interesting and up to date but were previously unhappy with the courses available at the moment.

You can read more about the new quals on the NDAQ website.


Diane Dowling said...

Can you explain whether these ITQs will allow students to achieve a spectrum of grades (as in "normal" GCSEs) or whether there is a single pass grade.

Anonymous said...

You should be at BETT for more than just two days. I'd want to see you on Thursday - the only day I can visit!

Mr Byrne said...

Hi Diane,
With BTEC ITQ students will achieve a Pass/Fail award.
A pass will be equivalent to a GCSE at grade B.