Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Open Source Resources

Trying to keep up with changing technology can often leave schools and teachers with some big bills to pay. To support schools I have been putting together some pointers to free software tools which can be used to deliver current ICT qualifications without the high costs.
The majority of these resources (with the exception of Audacity which, in my opinion, is invaluable) are web based and will only require a chat with your system administrators to unblock the sites.
I've found some of these very useful and enjoyable, especially when delivering courses such as DiDA, OCR Nationals, GCSE and GCE Applied ICT.

I am very keen to keep these resources up to date and would appreciate links to any software you find useful. Especially if you have experienced success when using them to deliver a particular course.

Audacity Sound Editor
Prezi Presentation Editor
Animoto Slideshows
Brainstorming with Bubbl
Scratch Animation
Wordle Word Clouds
Open Office
Animation with Gickr

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