Tuesday, 6 October 2009

GCSE 2010 Enhanced Specification

Edexcel's GCSE 2010 ICT enhanced specification should be landing on teachers desks this week. The new style blows away the norm of black and white boring specifications downloaded in PDF from an awarding body's website.

The publication comes with annotations to the specification, pointing out the most important elements and including some interesting pointers and tips for delivering the content.

It also includes a lot of other helpful content such as SAMs and SCAMs and some possible delivery models.

Another point of interest is that the Edexcel Spec is the only one so far to receive accreditation from QCDA. This means that HODs and curriculum managers can begin planning their content without having to worry about the spec being declined or the content changing.

I'll try to post some additional info later this week.

I'm also looking at getting hold of some additional resources for GCE and BTEC units. I'm getting a lot of requests for these and hope to come through soon.


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